Angels Come In Different Lights

I truly feel I have been touched by an Angel many times in my life. Below is one way my Guardian Angel, as well as other Heavenly Angels, have entered my life and my thoughts . . .

Did you know that Angels come in different lights?

Angel lights vary. Some are large, bright flashes of light. Others are soft, glowing trails of sparkles. And still others are tiny flashes of white light.

There are many colors, although the normal ones are white, green, or blue.

White lights are from Angels. Colored lights are from the Archangels. The Archangel Michael has a bluish-purple glow.

Imagine one of those pictures where you have to find something in the picture, say garden tools, and as you look, you find garden tools everywhere in the picture. Some are sitting high on a tree limb, others are all around the garden, still others hidden in the grass. That's how it is with Angels. They are everywhere.

Look around you in the room you are in. In your mind, make it a picture of the room. Can you find the Angels in that picture? Do you notice a flash of color as you look around?

Do you know Angels are like a thought pattern from God? All we need to do is think, and we will see Angels in every part of our lives. Turn around. You MAY have just seen the room, but NOW it is different. Now, you are actually looking. Now you are actually seeing.

As you look, feel. Has the air changed just a bit? Let your eyes unfocus as you feel. Imagine an Angel standing behind you. You can feel his or her energy as they come toward you. Feel that energy through every part of your body. Now, there are many Angels standing around you. The energy, the love has increased many times over.

After going through this exercise, can you ever say again that you are alone in this world? Use these Angels, your friends. They are here for you. They all have a purpose. If you have a need, and you haven't found a specific Angel for it yet, call out.

Let's say that you need a Computer Angel and you know that when Angels came into being light years ago, there were no computers. How can there possibly a Computer Angel? Do you really think Angels don't know everything?

Angels do know everything through God's mind. With that thought, change your request to something you can accept. How about a broad based area like a Technology Angel. Ask for one. Then, of course, when you call for an Angel from the technology department, you might ask for their computer expert . . . See how easy that was? Feel the flapping of the wings even as you ask, the Angels are that close and that willing to help you.

If you never thought about Angels much before this, think about them now. In everything you do, in everywhere you go. See their work. Enjoy the experience. Feel their love. It shines on everyone, just as the sun does. Angels are blessing you, even as we speak. ^j^

Thanks for reading.

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